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HSY Mansion

A first of its kind retail experience, where a space has been developed to make our clients so comfortable that they feel they are shopping from home. Each space is designed thoughtfully and given a special name for what it is designated for. Taking inspiration from the aesthetics of 1947, the year Pakistan was born as its design ethos, every element, from the tiles, to the furniture as well as each artwork and decoration piece is proudly designed and created in Pakistan.

HSY Mansion Main Lobby
HSY Mansion Hall of Memories
HSY Mansion Library Room
HSY Mansion The Heirloom
HSY Mansion Maharaja Room
HSY Mansion Bridal Closet
HSY Mansion Menswear Closet
HSY Mansion Formal Closet
HSY Mansion Men's Suiting Closet
HSY Mansion Hallway
HSY Mansion The CEO Room
HSY Mansion The Study
HSY Mansion Courtyard
HSY Mansion Driveway

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