Why Do Pakistani Brides Wear Yellow On Their Mehndi?

Why Do Pakistani Brides Wear Yellow On Their Mehndi?

If you've ever heard about a Mehndi night, even if Pakistani weddings are a mystery to you, we're about to demystify what the hype is all about. The Mehndi function is like the opening act of a Pakistani wedding, where the bride gets beautiful henna designs on her hands. The event happens a day or two before the wedding. It's the most exciting event of the entire wedding festivities. Friends and siblings gather around the bride, putting henna on her hands, singing, and dancing. The bride and groom celebrate separately with their friends and family.

For the Mehndi ceremony, the bride's makeup is simple, and her face is often veiled. Her dress usually comes in shades of green, yellow, or orange. These colors strike the perfect balance between attractive and not over the top. The bride typically goes for a natural makeup look and delicate flower jewelry.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show - the bride's outfit. On this particular night, Pakistani brides prefer a yellow dress. But it's not just about tradition; they can wear whatever they feel like. Some choose little to no makeup, others want full glam, and they look stunning in both. The bride's jewelry is often made of fresh flowers, adding a lovely touch, while the air is filled with the fragrance of marigolds, roses, and henna. And yes, the food is an absolute treat, with delights like halwa poori, paan, gulab jamun, barbeque, and other Pakistani favorites.

Why do brides opt for yellow?

So, why is yellow the go-to color for this joyous occasion? Yellow is like a happiness magnet in many cultures, including South Asian ones. Its cheerful and vibrant vibe makes it a natural fit for celebrations like weddings. The Mehndi function is all about joy, and yellow perfectly captures that festive spirit.

But there's more to it than just color psychology. In some South Asian traditions, yellow also symbolizes fertility and prosperity. And Weddings are all about starting a new family, so it makes sense that brides would want to surround themselves with these positive vibes.

Over time, wearing yellow on Mehndi night has become a cherished tradition. It's a beautiful blend of historical practices and contemporary customs. Plus, the red-brown hues of the intricate henna patterns complement the bright yellow attire stunningly. It's like a match made in color heaven.

Pakistan is a diverse land with different regions, each with its cultural influences. These traditions vary from place to place. But one thing's for sure – the significance of yellow on the Mehndi night is like a thread that ties these diverse celebrations together.

The spectrum of choices for the bride

On the Mehndi night, brides can adorn themselves with a kaleidoscope of choices. We have listed the most popular ones below:

  • Lehenga
  • Shalwar Kameez
  • Mehndi Gown
  • Gharara or Sharara
  • Angarakha and Churidar Pajama

In the enigma of the Mehndi night, where time-honored rituals unite with personal expressions, yellow shines as an emblem of celebration and joy. A hue that has traversed generations, it wraps the bride in its golden embrace as she readies to begin her new life that mirrors the radiance of the sun. Ultimately, yellow on the Mehndi night is a beautiful fusion of history, culture, and aesthetics. It's a choice that brings joy, symbolizes hope, and paints a bride's journey with the warmth of happiness.


Munazza Waseem 
Content Strategist

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