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Traditions rebranded

Couture has a high status in fashion. Bold colors and geometric designs of classical attire represent our centuries-old traditions. As a luxury couture brand, we take care of the most important part of your wedding day – creating a perfect look for you.


Constructed by hand from start to finish, experience exclusive custom-fitted high-end traditional fashion designer clothing and accessories. HSY is one of the largest luxury couture brands in Pakistan. With deep roots in our culture and heritage, we design timeless and classic pieces by putting hereditary craftsmanship onto silhouettes that are both modern and culturally inclined. We are known for our distinctive use of colors, quality of fabrics, intricate embroideries, and a gloriously, rich cultural aesthetic. Each attire is meticulously tailored to provide a unique HSY experience.

Kainchi-chalai rasam

Our artisans, our backbone

Taking pride in what is ours

Asian Weddings

Floor Length Gown with Gold Work and Pure Silk Embroidery


A queen should look her best on her special day – the wedding day. We introduce you to a whole new couture experience where we design your bridal outfit, tailored to perfection. We know how to make your big day memorable, which is why we provide you with the ultimate HSY experience.
HSY Traditional Embroidered Shirt and Lehenga


We believe in keeping our traditions and culture alive. The essence of HSY lies in including historic heritage in modern designs to create a timeless masterpiece.
HSY Traditional Dresses Collections


An Asian wedding ceremony often involves days of planning a single event for a picture-perfect memory. For this, we create luxury outfits tailor-made to perfection. Each dress is handcrafted with creative embellishments by our artisans.
HSY Dress Stitching


A ritual to earn blessings: We commence with the production of all our orders on Friday as it is a blessed day. A special dua is made before beginning each order. We ask our clients to bring anything sweet from their side, often labelled with the names of the respective bride and groom, which is distributed among our labor and craftsmen, after which the order is proceeded.
HSY at Kashaf Foundation


We’re proud of our artisans who work tirelessly to make sure that the quality of their handwork is not compromised. Along with keeping the traditional crafts alive, we ensure that our craftsmen are up-to-date with the modern techniques as well. This helps the brand flourish and encourages the artisans to prosper on an individual level too.
HSY Dress Stitching


To make our brand more inclusive, we are always looking for opportunities to engage with local cottage industries and talented differently-abled individuals. NOWPDP and KASHF Foundation are two of the organizations we primarily work with. This approach also empowers such marginalized communities and encourages them to strive harder for their betterment.

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