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Why Do Pakistani Brides Wear Yellow On Their Mehndi?

If you’ve ever heard about a Mehndi night, even if Pakistani weddings are a mystery to you, we’re about to demystify what the hype is all about. The Mehndi function is like the opening act of a Pakistani wedding, where the bride gets beautiful henna designs on her hands. The event happens a day or two before the wedding. It’s the most exciting event of the entire wedding festivities. Friends and siblings gather around the bride, putting henna on her hands, singing, and dancing. The bride and groom celebrate separately with their friends and family. For the Mehndi ceremony, the bride’s makeup is simple, and her face is often veiled. Her dress usually comes in shades of green, yellow, or orange. These colors strike the perfect balance between attractive and not over the top. The bride typically goes for a natural makeup look and delicate flower jewelry. Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the bride’s outfit. On this particular night, Pakistani brides prefer a yellow dress. But it’s not just about tradition; they can wear whatever they feel like. Some choose little to no makeup, others want full glam, and they look stunning in both. The

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