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Gulabo – Watermelon-Pink Peshwas with Azar Pants & Dupatta

This watermelon-pink ensemble seamlessly merges tradition with modernity. The organza peshwas, intricately embellished, exudes elegance, complemented by silk azar pants with embroidered jamawar borders for a perfect blend of comfort and style. The screen-printed purple dupatta, adorned with tree of life-inspired embroidery, adds a touch of enchantment, completing this masterfully crafted, vibrant, and timeless fashion statement.


Color: Watermelon pink.

Delivery Time: 8 to 12 weeks.

Shipping: We deliver worldwide. Shipping rates may apply.

Customization: For customization please contact our fashion consultant.

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Fabric Details

  • Pishwas in Organza
  • Azar Pants in Silk


  • Pishwas
  • Azar pants
  • Dupatta

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