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A Proactive Philanthropist

Hassan takes initiatives to participate in philanthropic activities. He is the ambassador of NOWPDP (Network of Organizations Working with Persons with Disabilities Pakistan) where he works with differently-abled individuals to help them improve their lives and achieve their dreams. He is also associated with the KASHF Foundation; a charity organization that works to empower underprivileged women.


NOWPDP is a charity organization that works towards creating opportunities for physically challenged individuals. In 2021, we collaborated with NOWPDP to motivate and empower differently-abled individuals, by actively conducting engaging events.

Tuk Tuk March

In March 2021, in an effort to celebrate the right of livelihood and transport of differently-abled individuals, we donated specially modified rickshaws to this community so that they are able to earn a decent living.


As a part of a project with NOWPDP, HSY designed exceptional school uniforms, free of charge for their school children with special needs. On 8th November 2021, these uniforms were distributed by HSY himself at their school in the Morilo Makraz (Karachi), during a special ceremony.


In collaboration with NOWPDP, we regularly hold competitions to give individuals an opportunity to discover their artistic side and to showcase their inner creativity. In March 2020, we engaged contestants at NOWPDP to create commercial artworks in honor of Pakistan Day. These designs were then fabricated and sold in the local market, unleashing a new method of earning for all those who contributed.


From time to time, HSY engages volunteers at NOWPDP to develop artworks that can potentially be incorporated in our designs. By doing so, the volunteers are given a chance to earn a sustainable living. Recent works include a sketch of the Shalimar Roses which was integrated in the design of a bridal outfit for a client in New York.


KASHF Foundation works towards creating career opportunities for underprivileged women, from all over Pakistan. These women can choose to work from home or any other place of their convenience, while they craft exquisite designs of floral embroideries. Incorporating these traditional adornments into our couture process has surely added grace to our collections.


In 2021, we collaborated with NOWPDP and KASHF Foundation to design a bridal outfit which was part of a sustainable-fashion project for a wedding. Designers of NOWPDP created motifs, while the underprivileged women of KASHF Foundation, from various villages and small towns, sourced and created embroideries. Together, we created a stunning, eco-friendly bridal outfit for our HSY Bride, Umber Ahmad.
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